Blog How We Became the Leading Laser Beam Steering Solution Provider

How We Became the Leading Laser Beam Steering Solution Provider

Frederik Klaarenbeek | February 28, 2019
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Contributing Author: Johanna Brito, Marketing Communications Manager

Whether you’re interested in discovering more about laser beam steering or are simply curious to learn more about us – you’ve come to the right place. Here we will discuss everything, and anything related to the laser beam steering and photonics industry. We’ll chat about different applications, innovations, and trends. In this post, I’ll introduce you to Cambridge Technology, diving straight into our history.

A company is defined by its employees who personify the organization’s mission, values and culture. As a Novanta company, we are a trusted technology partner focused on providing intelligent, mission critical solutions in demanding applications. But to really understand Cambridge Technology, I’m going to take you through a journey that started 50 years ago, shaping us to be who we are today—the leading global technology partner of laser beam steering solutions, delivering innovations that matter to our customers.

Cambridge Technology was founded in 1978 and since, we’ve been mastering the art of engineering laser beam technology for specific industrial and medical markets. In the 1980s, we introduced the first scan heads to the market, followed swiftly by the resonant scanners and unique feather-weight beryllium mirror technology. This laid the foundation for our latest innovation in scan heads and all laser beam steering solutions that followed.  Today, we join a group of companies under Novanta dedicated to the expertise in advanced photonics, vision and precision motion. We are proud to be leading in the laser beam space, delivering solutions that solve businesses’ everyday manufacturing needs.

Becoming the leading global distributor in laser beam steering solutions was not an easy task. In fact, we continue to work towards that goal every day.  Following our motto Collaborate. Innovate. Engineer. Deliver., it describes our holistic approach in delivering solutions that guarantee customer’s success.

We start with our customer’s need to push the existing boundaries. That results in our focus on finding breakthrough innovations and strengthening our existing products. One of our latest developments is the LightningTM II Scan Head for Via Hole Drilling (VHD) applications, the industry’s most advanced scan head for applications that require extreme fast and precise laser-beam scanning for continuous operation. Today, the LightningTM II is applying that same performance to new applications in Laser Additive Manufacturing and Micromachining, providing the highest accuracy and throughput in the industry.

Aside from delivering carefully-crafted products that offer breakthrough advancements, we pay close attention to quality and reliable performance. Our focus is to assure that our products operate seamlessly within customers systems. None of that could be achieved without our dedicated Application Engineering team, backed by application labs across the globe, working tirelessly with our customers to achieve that perfect integration. Their knowledge and experience span over existing and emerging medical and industrial applications. This is what makes Cambridge Technology so valuable and unique. The combination of delivering pioneering technology with our keen attention to customer success is what keeps our customers coming back.

Who we are is inevitably embedded in what we do, our innovations, and the people that make it happen. Our core strength is delivering market-leading solutions for our customers, but also maintaining deep and long-lasting customer relationships. We do this through our global application sales force, and quality-focused manufacturing expertise. It is thanks to what we accomplished in our past and our continuous work towards innovation, that makes us who we are today.